4 Memory Boosting Exercises

We may be growing up “young” but at some point we all start to forget things. Here are some simple tips I picked up recently from the Dr. Oz show:

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

– Use your non-dominant hand for regular activities such as: eating, writing, using a door key, blow drying your hair, brushing your teeth, wearing a watch, etc.

– Mirror writing: with both hands at the same time, write the mirror image of your name. Both hands should be moving out and away from each other simultaneously.

2.  Memorize your grocery list or any list. 

— Memorize 4 items at a time by making up a silly story w them.

3. Take 600-900g daily of a DHA Omega-3 supplement.

– DHA is the building block of brain cells. Reduces inflammation. Improves blood flow to the brain. Causes the memory part to grow.

4. Dance! It cross trains all areas of the brain – of course this one is my favorite.



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