What clients are saying about working with Heidi:

“Working with Heidi will exceed your expectations. Not only did I find her full of information and easy to work with, but she was motivating and helped me surpass my nutrition and fitness goals.”  Ellie R.


“Heidi I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and encouragement. Without you I would have never fit into my wedding gown. Thank you for getting me back on track with the right nutrition program…It is now my way of life!” Hilary H.


“One reason I think Heidi is a great person to work with is that she is very “approachable”. She is also a wealth of information. She seamlessly integrates diet and wellness into a whole-person plan. Whenever I told her that I could not do something (example: make certain foods at home b/c of my kids’ pickiness) she always had multiple back-up suggestions. Her overall style of consulting is great for anyone because she is flexible and able to meet the needs of a variety of clients.”  Katharine W.


“Heidi is the best. She’s makes workouts fun and gives you realistic goals for health and fitness that are easy to work into your life. I look forward to meeting with her every week.” Kathie J.


“I decided to work with a nutritionist after my doctor told me I would have to start taking cholesterol medication if I didn’t lose weight. After working with Heidi on a fitness and nutrition program, I lost weight, my cholesterol went back to normal, my energy levels increased and I actually don’t mind eating healthy and exercising now.” John J.


“Heidi showed me how to satisfy my appetite and incorporate a regular cardio routine in order to lose weight. I regained a youthful energy level and positive outlook. After just 4 weeks, in addition to weight loss, my doctor informed me that I had lowered my cholesterol and blood sugar, both of which he was concerned about before I contacted Heidi.” Aaron C.


“I thought I knew everything there was to know about staying healthy but I was hitting road blocks related to my fitness goals, weight maintenance and energy level. Heidi taught me how to eat for overall wellness. She explained in simple terms how food affects my metabolism, energy level and exercise outcome. She taught me how to recognize the nutritional value of food, how much and how often to eat and how to combine foods for longer-lasting energy. She also explained how exercise, rest and nutrition each factor into getting the most out of my workouts, avoiding illness, having better energy all day long and feeling healthier overall. It was all simple stuff that has been easy to incorporate into my life and has made a huge difference. I just needed someone to break it down and explain it in a way that made sense. Thanks, Heidi – my wellness guru!” Dani P.


“Heidi is an exceptional trainer. I have been training with her for over 6 years. Having had heart surgery, Heidi’s guidance helped me recover and feel more confident about my physical ability. I highly recommend her as a trainer as well as a nutrition coach to move anybody forward with their personal health and physical well being.” Laurie C.


“I am constantly learning new tips and recipes from Heidi to work into my busy life as a single parent, high school counselor, and Zumba instructor. My goal is to live a balanced, holistic, healthy life and pass my healthy habits to my 11-year old daughter. As I benefit from Heidi’s nutrition expertise, my daughter does as well. Heidi has helped me see that a healthy lifestyle is not about “dieting” but incorporating healthy food into a lifestyle that works best for you.” Paige N.


“Before meeting Heidi I really disliked exercise and hadn’t found a trainer I wanted to work with.  We have now worked together for 7 years and I can’t imagine training with anyone else. She knows exactly when and how to push her clients to train hard, but is such a pleasure to be with that you don’t notice the workout level until the next day when your muscles speak to you. I always look forward to my workouts with Heidi.” Lucy L.



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