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The change of seasons from winter to spring is a time of renewal – “out with the old, in with the new.” We often feel the urge to do some spring-cleaning and to get organized. After the winter months it’s not just our homes that need cleaning out, our bodies do as well. Here are some tips for a healthy spring makeover.

Clean out the cupboards and refrigerator. Get rid of sugary, processed and unhealthy foods and replace them with whole, natural foods. If bad choices are not within reach you won’t be as tempted to eat them.

Organize your kitchen space for ease and inspiration. Buy a few colorful plates, bowls or napkins to spruce things up. Replace round storage containers with square ones, which take up less space. Replace your mop and sponges and try natural cleaning products without harsh chemicals such as “Seventh Generation” products.

If you spend a lot of time at work, give your office a fresh start. Go in early one day, schedule a long lunch or pop by on a weekend to get it done. Organize your online files, emails, etc as well as your physical space. Add some color, put up an inspiring photo or quote, buy a plant – get inspired!

Clutter is known to create stress. Does your home, especially your bedroom, make you feel relaxed or energized? Colors and scents provoke emotions. Surround yourself with colors that make you feel relaxed and try putting fresh spring flowers, cinnamon sticks or a natural oil diffuser in your home.

Water is a great cleanser. Start each day with a glass of hot or cold water and fresh squeezed lemon juice. For additional cleansing add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Try switching coffee or black tea for iced, caffeine-free herbal teas. Add fresh lemon, mint, honey or stevia for extra flavor. Purchase a stainless steel or BPA-free refillable water bottle and carry it with you everywhere. You’ll drink more water and its much better for the environment than individual bottles. Fruits and vegetables have a high water content and help the body detoxify, so aim to get more in your daily diet.

Take it outside. Fresh air is great for the mind and body. Exercise in nature when possible – hiking, biking or beach walking. Being in nature can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels.

Doctor Visits
Have you been putting off those annual check ups, teeth cleanings, eye appointments, etc? Now is a great time to schedule appointments and be pro active with your health care.