Designed to restore and rebalance your physical and emotional well-being, this 45-minute session includes: breath work, guided visualizations, chakra balancing and Reiki. Zen out, relax, decompress and take time just for YOU! 

Please contact Heidi to schedule your session: heidi@healthybyheidi.com


Thank you for creating that space for us! I’m knee deep in a campaign for mayor in my city and I definitely needed that recharge. Helped ease my stress so much. I literally watched my heart rate come down on my Fitbit.” Jess, PlyoJam. 

“I couldn’t believe how much just the breathing and visualization helped my back pain go away.” Kathie J. Los Angeles

“Honestly I haven’t felt this relaxed in months! Thank you Heidi for an amazing restorative, relaxing session. I LOVED it!” Jason L. PlyoJam founder.